ExpertCoder   ExpertCoder is a toolkit that supports the creation of code generators based on expert systems.
Is ExpertCoder a generator of code generators?

No. ExpertCoder is a toolkit useful to write code generators.

How do I get the software?

You can get the sources and binaries from the download area in SourceForge.

Bear in mind that the code isn't mature, so there are features not implemented, there may be several bugs, and the API may change before reaching version 1.0.

In which language is it written?

ExpertCoder is written in C#, and it uses only the most basic .NET libraries. This means that it can run under any .NET implementation:

  • Microsoft ® .NET
  • mono::
  • dotGNU

Under which license is ExpertCoder distributed?

ExpertCoder is distributed under the GPL license.

If I use ExpertCoder to make my own code generator, shall I release it under the GPL?

As I understand the license, yes, you must. This is to promote the Free Software movement.

But is not mandatory to release the code; that is, it's possible to use ExpertCoder in private projects as long this subproducts are not distributed.

If I use any of the code generators provided by ExpertCoder, is the generated code (the program output) GPL'ed?

No. The code generated by the sample code generators isn't considered an ExpertCoder subproduct.